PVE Rules


An admins decision is final and leaves no further discussion.
Do not upgrade your territory to lvl 11 its for admins only.
1 Base a player
Do not swear, disrespect or say anything that can be offensive.
(applies to all channels including voice in-game)
No hacking, exploiting, duping or glitching.[so dont shoot people through walls.]
Do not try to lie to our admins, we check the logs regularly You WILL get caught!
Do not type in any other languages than English in side chat.
Make sure to log off in time before restart, as we do not refund any losses.
Do not ask for a refund if your vehicle got deleted by an admin. learn to follow the rules.
If you have a problem, don’t spam it in chat. Admins are more likely to help you if you ask them once.


Do not interact with any vehicle that’s occupied by an other player.
Do not ram vehicles !! will result in remove vehicle / kick / ban!
Your not allowed to tow/airlift ammo/repair vehicle with an armed vehicle/aircraft.
Do not ask for a refund if your vehicle blows up for whatever reason.
Do not use any aircraft for kamikaze purposes.
Do not put your vehicle in virtual Garage, if you are under attack


People are allowed to claim a mission. if the mission is claimed your not allowed to take anything from this mission.


Your not allowed to go into the safezone while in combat.
Do not drive people over inside a Safezone, your vehicle will be deleted without warning.
Do not leave your vehicle in trader they will be deleted.
Do not block runways and spawn points! your vehicle will be deleted without warning.
Do not interact with a vehicle that is being occupied by someone inside the safezone.
Always SCRAP your deploy vehicle if you enter the Safezone.


You are not allowed to own more than one flag.

Do not build in/around the radiation zone. [1000m]
Do not build in/around the high loot area. [1000m]
Your base must be more than 800m away from a trader.
Your base must be more than 500m away from a spawnzone.
You are not allowed to block off road, airfield or military loot spawns.

You allowed to build max 60 meters up in the sky!
floating bases are not allowed, so no sky bases!

Each base will need to have a door to get inside.. inside the bases your allowed to use walls

Do not block your off flag with indestructable buildings/objects.
you can defend your flag with floors and walls on it. [items must be destructible].

Do not Build/Move/Remove any base items while a base raid is active in your base.

Be aware that these rules are subject to change so make sure you check them regularly!

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