Hello fellow surviv...

Hello fellow survivors,  


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Hello fellow survivors, and welcome to our forum! Feel free to say hello or ask quick questions in this topic.

Questions commonly asked:

How do I access my bank?

You access your bank by interacting with a "locker" which can be found in all trader cities.


Do any vehicles randomly spawn on this server?

Yes, most vehicles that spawn are in spawn zones for bambi's to get started easily.


Why are there no missions?

Either because you picked a bad timing to join the server, or because the previous missions were completed quickly but are still active for you to loot. If the missions do not spawn for a very long period of time, please contact us ASAP through Discord: ( ) or the PM system.


My vehicle(s) disappeared, can an admin spawn a new one for me?

In most cases, no. On more rare cases, you may need to show evidence.


I just joined and I do not have the patience to run across the map, any solutions?

Press 6 to open your XM8 go to the second page, here you can deploy a quad/bike.
Look around your spawn area for vehicles, there is always one around!


Am I allowed to raid bases?

Yes, But keep in mind that players in the server get notified when your raiding!
if the owner of the flag is not online you can hack the safes/flag!
Thermal scanners only show  code if the lock is used in last 15 min.
You can also open doors with Grinders / Battery or explosive.


Where are the admins?

there will always be some sort of admin online, if you need help immediately join our Discord:

Is there a Day/Night cycle on this server?

Yup, we decided to go for a day/night cycle to make your experience as realistic as we could bring. This means the server start 05:50 am in the morning, after a hour running it will be day.
We do have a voting system for day /night.


How do I donate and what kind of stuff can I get from it?:

Just go to the homepage and press donate.  you wont get any stuff we dont do pay to win!!
Consider to donating to our community it will help covering server cost and will be appreciated.


Are there any limits to how and where I can build my base?:

Please refer to the rules regarding base building which can be found Here.

How often do I need to maintain my flag or/and building structures?:


You need to pay each 10 days, to be save do this every 7 days.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Stealing someone's property inside safe zones is forbidden.
  • Shooting from trader cities or abusing the safe zone (e.g. combat evading, waiting for players to get in/out from the safe zone) is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not swear, disrespect or say anything that can be offensive. (applies to all channels including voice in-game)
  • Do not type in any other languages than English in side chat.
  • Do not try to lie to our admins or dupe items, we check the logs regularly and you WILL get caught! If you did already, confess to us immediately before we find it out ourselves.
  • Leaving your locked vehicle(s) inside a safe zone during a restart will unlock them and will remain that way (cannot be locked) until the next restart.

I will try to keep in touch with you guys and update the two lists above regularly. Have fun and don't be afraid of making a new topic, you are always welcome to post about anything you are concerned or wondering about. We are always here to help in any way we can!