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Do not:

  1. Insult or offend any forum members, staff members or administrators.
  2. Start or participate in flame wars, intentionally derail a topic, or post useless spam message.
  3. Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, phone number, etc.).
  4. Impersonate any of our staff members or administrators.
  5. Deliberately challenge our moderation or administration.
  6. Publicly post private messages.
  7. Post with the intention of reviving another topic that was locked or hidden.
  8. Encourage other users to stop playing on our servers, or encourage users to refrain from donating.
  9. Use red text font in any respect. This is reserved for staff use to highlight problems or statements.
  10. Post pornographic and other socially unsuitable and objectionable content.
  11. Discuss usage of cheats, exploits, hacks or any related topic.
  12. Post links to illegal software, cheating or hacking orientated sites.
  13. Post any advertising messages.
  14. Use any form of serious threatening or harassing.
  15. Post any kind of racist, discriminating, insulting or disturbing content.
  16. Make use of profanity and insult via direct statement or implication (full or partial circumvention). This includes the use of swearing, medical-related reference (such as cancer, mental illness, etc.), offensive and abusive language, and other references of an insulting or profane nature.
  17. Promote criminal activities, including drugs and the abusive use of alcohol.
  18. Reference to drugs and narcotic substances (e.g. "420").
  19. Make any form of political or religious discussion liable to cause dissent.
  20. Post any material intended to shock or frighten members of the community, including photosensitivive imagery that may cause epileptic and or other photo sensitivity related seizures.
  21. Post anything that judges staff members and/or administrators to be "insulting and/or inflammatory by deed or intention".
  22. Excessively repeat the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
  23. Abuse the "Report Post" feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages.
  24. Use nicknames that can mislead the staff and administrators in the forum.
  25. Discuss or complain about matters involving one or several admins in public.


  • Nicknames, avatars, images, signatures and public messages will be judged by the forum rules.
  • Decisions made by staff members and administrators are final.
  • We use a two strike system if a rule has been "slightly" broken. The first strike will amount purely to a verbal warning, with which you will receive a PM explaining the situation. The second strike will amount to a temporary or permanent ban for read-only.
  • Violating server rules that leads to a permanent ban from all of our servers will result to banning your forum account as well.
  • You have the right to appeal after punitive measures (only temporary bans). Send a PM to the Developer.


You can send your appeals to moderators, admins, the head-admin as well as the server owner via the PM system or in teamspeak.

If you find anything on the forum that violates one rule or several, press the "Report Post" link on the chosen post and do NOT try to fight it yourself!

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