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19/02/2018 4:56 pm  

Hello everyone


I have a few thoughts about the price table for military loot on this server. When i look at the actual price table i can see that its obviously intended to let the people do some good old ground combat, and to be honest, i really like that idea. All the military vehicles are quite expensive, and at least its always an investment when you make the decision to buy a armed tank, chopper or jet. So dont get me wrong, i dont want things to be more cheap, or more affordable, i want this system to be more balanced.

That means that i think its always a question of "what is affordable cause its worth it", and here we go. At the moment there are sooo many vehicles, you will never ever see them chosen by someone, cause they are just way too expensive when you look at their combat capabilitys and their general performance. All the tanks, from BTR to Slammer are hell expensive compared to choppers and jets. Every Tank commander knows, that if there is a chopper out there, he could just leave his vehicle pretty quick, to not light up on the chopper radar, cause if he get seen, its just over. There is not even a small chance to get out alive if the blackfoot is hunting you. So, and now remember, the blackfoot is the same price with the kuma youre driving. So and now tell me.... can there be any other decision than "not" to buy the kuma, or whatever tank, and go right away for the blackfoot instead? No of course not.... and thats the point. Same is with the jets.... when youre in a chopper, and the jet is hunting you.... what can you do instead of the parachute right away? Almost nothing, and here is the same price again.

I think the price table should be like.

Low tanks like btr 200k-500k

Fine Tanks like Slammer, Kuma 1 mio -1,5 mio

Full armed Choppers 2-3 mio

Jets 5-7 mio

They should be set in any relation to each other dependant on their use factor. I would like to see some tanks driving around, and would like to see some choppers in the air again. Not just ground combat, cause everyone fears to loose the millions and in the end loose it all cause there will be someone pulling out the jet to end up any discussion.

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22/02/2018 5:55 pm  

That are like my old prices Prime... i wont make it like that again because it destroyed the population of the server people will ragequit if i make prices like you suggest. i think most people like the prices how the are now. i can make a poll about if you want so people can vote for it.