DayZ Rules

General Rules

Do not swear, disrespect or say anything that can be offensive.
No Racism, offensive or sexual comments or Real-life threats in chat or voice.
No hacking, exploiting, duping or glitching. Will result in remove vehicle/kick/ban!
If you have a problem, DO NOT spam it in chat. Make a ticket on discord.
Do not type in any other languages than English in the side chat.
Make sure to log off in time before the restart, as we do not refund any losses.
No refunds unless video proof and a discord ticket have been made.
No combat logging, repeat offenders will be banned.


Do not ram vehicles!!


Shooting from trader cities or abusing the safe zone (e.g. combat evading, waiting for players to get in/out from the safe zone) is strictly forbidden.
Following someone on foot or in a vehicle out of a safe-zone with the intention to attack is not allowed. Blocking other players from traders inside a safe-zone will be considered trolling.
Do not drive people over inside a Safe zone.(outside the trader you can.)
Do not leave your vehicle in trader.
Do not interact with a vehicle that is being occupied by someone inside the safe zone.


Do not block military loot spots!
Do not Upgrade/Build/Move/Remove any base items while a base raid is active in your base.

Be aware that these rules are subject to change so make sure you check them regularly!