An admins decision is final and leaves no further discussion.
Do not swear, disrespect or say anything that can be offensive. (applies to all channels including voice in-game)
No hacking, exploiting, duping or glitching.
Do not try to lie to our admins, we check the logs regularly You WILL get caught!
Do not type in any other languages than English in Global chat. [allowed in group]
Make sure to log off in time before restart, as we do not refund any losses.
If you have a problem, don’t spam it in chat. Admins are more likely to help you if you ask them once.

Read the rules for the server you play on. you can find them on the button servers.

Join Discord for support.
Create a ticket  write -new “your text”. this will create a text channel where your can explain us all.
If you got evidence you can upload them in the evidence channel.