ARMA III Servers



  • Custom Carrier Ship Jet trader [only Chernarus]
  • Custom Traders
  • Anti-theft On Circuit Trader.


  • We bound our databases together so people can switch between our servers and keep money and respect
  • Custom key for Instadoc
  • Custom loadouts
  • Standaart 32 Milion pop tabs on the bank this can be doubled with our perk system.
  • Starting with 100.000 respect and $ 250.000
  • Mini Map [Right Ctrl+m or right ctrl +[ ] ]
  • Rangefinders [ use “t” or “|” to see range]


  • Custom Loot-table* Loot +++
  • Custom Loot-positions
  • Custom Radiation zone
  • Custom Military loot spots
  • Spawn vehicle’s on every restart


  • 300 items on lvl 10 flag. [lvl 11 is for admins only!]
  • Maintain you base every 7 days. base decay is on 8 days
  • If your flag is stolen restore it after 2 days codes go to 0000 3 days will despawn the base
  • Stoke Vector-build
  • Instant-build
  • StokesBase paint+ Added stuff by Dutch
  • Base Spawn
  • 100-meter range Generator to switch on/off base lamps.
  • Lock/Unlock all safes/doors inside territory! [no codes needed]


  • Thermal Scanner
  • Hack/Grind doors
  • Hacking Safes/container/
  • Steal Flags / Hack Virtual Garage
  • Lock Picking [Safes/containers]
  • Protect Safes/Containers with c4 [BigMomma]


  • DMS Dynamic Missions, [HARDCORE AI] don’t forget to loot bodies!
  • Capture points
  • Gear crates every restart
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks]
  • Farming ORE. in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pickaxe.
  • Drugs Missions . in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife.
  • Shipwrecks, you will need diving clothing to take the box.
  • Red Circle: Military Drop
  • Yellow Circle: Money Drop
  • Blue Circle: Ikea building stuff
  • Nikos mission [Hunt Nikos and get his items]


We do have a really big selection of vehicles/aircraft.

This server is fully militarized and does have Tanks/Armed Heli and Jets

  • Ducttape repair [on all vehicle]
  • Repair/refuel at fuel station/service building.
  • Rearm on rearm vehicles like “Bobcat”.
  • Rearm on virtual Garage.
  • Claim vehicle’s only ones that spawn on map [Require lock]
  • Salvage vehicle wreck for death body
  • Load crates in 90% of the vehicles
  • Radar [Left Ctrl+r]
  • Mini Map [Right Ctrl+m or right ctrl +[ ] ]
  • R3F Logistics TOW Vehicle’s / Airlift
  • Custom flip vehicle script.
  • lock pick vehicle with a knife.


  • View-distance 3500 meters
  • EXAD Virtual Garage
  • Combat Compass
  • Vehicle HP Bars
  • Deploy Moter Bike
  • Deploy Landrover
  • Deploy Hummingbird
  • Player Scanner
  • Remote CCTV Acces
  • [BRAma Cookbook]
  • Base markers
  • Donate
  • Private Chat
  • Status Bar
  • Apoc airdrop once a hour.


  • Removed yellow screen effects inside a radiation zone.


  • Halo / Ground & Base spawn selection
  • Halo-jump
  • Custom kill messages
  • Revive
  • Custom loadouts
  • NO acces to UAV in traders.
  • R3F Logistics Pick up and walk with boxes.
  • Chop wood directly into the vehicle. [base Game vehicle only]

Custom Userkeys:

  • User key 1 = Unlock/lock
  • User key 2 = Yellow Team Marker
  • User key 3 = Remove all markers
  • User key 4 = Use instadog
  • user key 5 = Server info menu
  • User key 6 = not used
  • User key 7 = Perk system ( set it on P)
  • you can set userkeys for Enchanced movement to, load all the mods for the server and start up arma go to settings. than press exspansions. enchanced movement. only asign a custom userkey to Jump/climb remove the other keys, then go back and go to settings put everything off at settings.


  • DMS Dynamic Missions,  our missions are an easy way to make money there will be loot in the crates and on the AI bodies.[don’t forget to loot bodies!]
  • Capture points, you will have to capture the zone for 10 min. rewards are min 1 mil coins [ the more players the more money]. also it can spawn vehicle and loot boxes.
  • Gear crates, our gear crates spawn  High-loot items.
  • Helicopter crashes our heli crashes spawn  High-loot items.
  • Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks & Drugs]
  • Farming ORE. in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pick axe.
  • Drugs Missions . in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife.
  • Shipwrecks, you will need diving clothing to take the box.[high-loot items]
  • Red Circle: Military Drop [High-loot Weapons]
  • Yellow Circle: Money Drop
  • Go loot at one of our Radiation zones.. Best gear will be found there!
  • Nikos mission will drop up to max 3 mil.
  • Town invation

this is a Military servers guys jets are part of it.. go loot Military side mission (red circle), you can also go to radiation zone and find some stingers there. Stingers are the most easy way to get rid of jets as the don’t see you on radar on foot. Also you can buy anti aircraft vehicle or get an aircraft your self.


You are able to find launchers and rockets on the map and they aren’t sold at the traders. [Military loot , Radiation zone & Missions]


Airfields: Office, Food, Equipment, Armory, Special Ops, Vehicle & Aircraft Traders
Concrete mixer: 2 points on the map [you can also craft your own Concrete mixer


  • Medikit: 5000
  • Metal shelf double-sided: 5.000
  • Icebox: 1.500
  • Shelf 1: 4.000
  • Shelf: 3.000
  • Ammo box: 7.000
  • Tentdome: 1.000
  • Garbage Container: 8500
  • Metal shed 4 Layers: 5500
  • Suitcase: 1250
  • Ammo Box: 750
  • Wooden shelves: 2000
  • Metal case: 2500
  • Fridge: 2000
  • Tool Trolleys: 2500
  • Microwave: 200
  • Suitcase: 1250
  • Ammo box rounds: 750
  • Plastic case: 2000


Do you like to see something getting changed on our server, post your suggestions on Discord.
Enjoy your time on our server and don’t cry if people kill you on the PVP server.